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How to get a great basement



Hire the right people

  You’re looking for a company that is licensed, bonded, insured and ethical.



Know how you want to enjoy your basement


Key to getting a great project and your enjoyment is thinking about the following:

  • Will I use it for children? Teenagers?
  • Is it the ultimate man cave?
  • Will it be used for social gatherings?
  • How luxurious do you want your bathroom, home theater, or kitchen?
  • How much space would you like to use for storage?



Know the condition of your basement

  • Do you have mold?
  • Have you ever had moisture problems?
  • How dry is your basement?
  • Do you have cracks?



Get a professional design

  We offer professional drawings and 3d design for your basement so you can visualize the finished project.



Know your options in materials


Depending on how you want to use your basement and the dryness of you walls and floor, some materials are better than others.

Benefits of Steel Studs

For your basement, we recommend steel studs.

Inherent advantages of steel : Steel has a lot of great characteristics. With steel you don’t need to worry about rot, termites, mold or carpenter ants. And it won’t warp with age or changing moisture levels. Steel is also fire resistant. Steel is also a manufactured product which means that every stud is perfectly straight. You won’t have any bows in your new basement walls.




Know what’s included in your proposal


Would you believe that sometimes standard options are not included in the proposal? Examples are stair railings, finished doors, and painted walls. Here’s what’s included in a standard Baker Group Basement:

  • Permits
  • Electrical rough and finish work
  • Heating and cooling for the space(s)
  • Plumbing rough and finish work (if applicable)
  • Framing
  • Wall Board
  • Painted Walls
  • Finished Doors and trim
  • Finished Ceiling
  • Flooring (optional)



Personalize your basement to fit your needs

  Basements are all about fun, family, friends, and functionality. Whether it’s an amazing home theater, dream bathroom, upgraded finish options, luxury carpet, custom kitchen, hidden doors, or anything else you can think of. We can provide the solution if you can dream it.



Meet the crew

  A finished basement is a major undertaking. You’ll want to meet the foreman in charge of running your project. This person will be in your home every day for several weeks or more. It’s important that you establish a rapport and get along. We’re happy to have you meet the crew assigned to your project during the sales process before any work begins.



Are you licensed?

   Most states require contractors, even sub-contractors to be licensed in their respective fields. Make sure you contractor is properly licensed. Anyone can say they are licensed. You can ask for a copy of the license for proof. The owner of Baker Group Basements is a Licensed General Contractor with the City of Columbus.



Do you carry general liabilities insurance?

  Make sure your contractor carries general liability insurance. This type of insurance protects your property in case of damage caused by the contractor and/or his employees. The insurance company will pay for the cost of replacing, and/or repairing any damage that occurs.



Do you carry worker's compensation insurance?

  Make sure your contractor carries workers’ compensation insurance. It protects you from liability if a worker is injured while on your property. Be aware that if a contractor does not carry workers’ compensation coverage, you may be liable for any injuries suffered by the contractor or any of his employees while on your property.



Will you pull all the required building permits?

  Make sure your contractor pulls all of the required permits. This typically consists of a building permit, electrical permit, heating and cooling permit, and plumbing permit (if applicable). When a contractor pulls the required permits , you know that things will be done “to code.” Also, many homeowners insurance policies require pulling a permit on any major remodeling project to keep your home properly covered. Not all contractors do this. Many prefer not to pull permits because of the cost, time involved, and dealing with inspectors. Some contractors may ask you to pull your own permits. This is a red flag. A reputable contractor will pull a permit for every job where a permit is required.



Do you guarantee your work?

  Your contractor should guarantee his work for at least one year following the completion date. They should also include any warranties from the material used if applicable.



Will you provide me with written references?

  A good contractor will be happy to provide you with references. It’s up to you to call and ask good questions.



Have you or your company ever filed for bankruptcy or been sued?

  Get the specifics. Many companies just assume business under another name after filing for bankruptcy. You want the company to be around to honor your warranties.



Who will be on-site and in charge of my job each day?

  Get a name and a phone number. You want to know who is going to be running your project. Baker Group Basements has no problem letting you meet the project foreman during the sales process, or before construction begins.



What is your payment schedule?

   Most professional contractors work on a pay-as-you-go basis, receiving partial payments throughout the process. The payments are known as draws, and are typically a percentage of the total project cost. Avoid any contractor who wants full payment before starting the job.



What is the project timeframe?

  You should have a time frame spelled out before construction begins. The contractor should do everything in his/her power to stick to the timeframe. Imagine your frustration in thinking a project will take 3 weeks and lasts 4 months. Baker Group Basements guarantees the project will be finished by the completion date or you get paid.